Our vision is to create a society that
prioritizes the health and wellbeing of Black,
Latinx, and Indigenous birthing families.
Welcome to the
Program for Maternal Health Equity
Our mission is to conduct ethical, anti-racist, and community-engaged research to advance and nurture the health, well-being and agency of Black, Latine, and Indigenous birthing families in Philadelphia and beyond. Through collaborative program action and the leveraging of resources in service of community needs, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians, birth workers, and researchers cultivate impactful and sustainable solutions that support health equity at the individual, family, health system and societal levels.

Our Values

Share Power & Leadership

Build Healthy Families & Communities

Listen &
Take Action

Support Without Judgement

Advance Research Justice

Our Program

Our team brings over a decade of experience leading clinical and community-based research to reduce disparities in perinatal cardiovascular disease risk factors (e.g., obesity, hypertension, diabetes).

We intentionally and humbly collaborate with community, academic, and clinical partners to amplify the voices of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous birthing families in Philadelphia.

We are passionate about conducting research and developing partnerships that inform policies and practices to create a more equitable health care system for birthing families.

We are committed to mentoring and growing the next generation of clinicians, birth workers, and researchers committed to advancing maternal health equity.

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